Nostalgia — Childhood Meals

From the beginning:

The other day I bought a french fry cutter.  I am not sure why I thougth I wanted a french fry cutter.  We all love these potatoes (and I am even including Jack in that all) which are way better than a french fry, but then the kids do like french fries and since I am a make-it-yourself-kind of gal, I thought a french fry cutter seemed like a really good idea.  It wasn’t.  I tried it out tonight and it was a total bust.  So I made crash hot potatoes instead and everyone was still happy.

That got me to thinking that I really needed one like my mom had when we were growing up.  The one I bought looked like one of those things you cut apples with and hers looked more like this.  So that led to my thinking about the meals I liked as a kid.

Every so often I call my mom and say something like, “Hey, Mom, you remember that egg, noodle, bacon stuff you used to make?  Can you tell me how to make it?”  Inevitably, she responds with, “Why in the world do you want to make that?”  It will be some meal that was just a cheap, throw together meal and not exactly a culinary work of art.  But, egg, noodly, bacon stuff is good.  My kids adore it and we won’t talk about how Jon ruins it by adding soy sauce.

We used to always eat chips with pizza.  You know the Our Special chips that came in the brown twin pack.  It literally took me years to not think something was missing when we would eat pizza without chips, but Jon thought that I was crazy for wanting chips with pizza.  He grew up eating chili over rice and I find that equally odd, so we are even.

So, Mom, if you are reading this, I still want to know how to make that stuff with the hamburger concotion on the bottom, then canned biscuits and sliced process cheese.  I know neither of us buy canned biscuits or processed cheese anymore, but really, my kids’ childhoods won’t be complete if I don’t make this for them at least once. Besides, I have no doubt that they would love it!


7 responses to “Nostalgia — Childhood Meals

  1. OK. Here it is to the best of my ability. The hamburger mixture was like my Sloppy Joe’s. Probably had onion in it and just ketchup until it looked right. The canned biscuits with cheese on top. I guess I baked it according to biscuit can. If there was anything else to it I don’t remember. And I still eat chips with my pizza, Jon.

  2. So funny now to look back at the meals my mom made and to realize WHY she made them. As a kid it’s just what you eat because it’s in front of you. So often I think it was the meals you always have the stuff for and can put together in 20-30 minutes, because that’s all the time you have- like cream tuna on toast, or “denver” (scrambled egg) sandwiches. I have a few of those recipes my self.

  3. Thanks for the link to those Crash Potatoes. I like potatoes any kind of way, and I can’t wait to try these.

  4. how did the chips with pizza evolve? that is not a natural. unless it was to add a veggie? that is, in a realm where a chip could possibly be called a veggie, which would be a fairy tale.

  5. Chili over rice. The proper way to eat it.

  6. Thanks so much for the link to that potato recipe–I’m definitely trying that one! Right up our alley. . .why didn’t I ever think of that? So simple, so good.

  7. I always ate chips with my pizza AND chili over rice. The hamburger/biscuits/cheese thing…um, nope, I think I’ll pass on that one. 😉

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