Weather Whiplash

That is my new term for Texas weather.   For example.  Yesterday it was 80 degrees.  This morning we get up adn leace the house at 8:20 to go to coop.  It is high 60’s.  Drive for 15 minutes and get out and it is noticably colder.    Tonight they are callign for wintry mix and a low in the high 20’s.   Tomorrow, cold and rainy.   Thursday it is supposed to be sunny and 68.  This is why we are avid weather watchers.  You never know what you are going to get from day to day without watching the weather.  The kids ask every day, “Shorts or pants? short sleeves or long sleeves? Jacket or not?”    This is why we have weather whiplash.


4 responses to “Weather Whiplash

  1. That is a great term for it! Alexis has gotten used to asking me “Can I wear a nightgown to bed or do I have to wear pants?” 🙂 Enjoy the chilly weather!

  2. Living in north Florida I say AMEN!!!

  3. I concur. It is a great name for it! Ahhh, the adventure of it.

  4. The English teacher in me LOVES that term…it’s catchy. Weather Whiplash. Glorious.

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