25 things from Losing Knox

This is a spin-off of the facbook thing going around.  Everytime I sit to write my 25 things, so many things point to Knox because that is where I am right now so I decided to do this and get it out of my system so to speak.

1.  Time still passes fast, but life can seem long.

2.  Giraffes make me happy, but bananas can make me weepy.

3. Discontentedness is a waste of time.

4. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed toddlers make my heart miss a beat.

5.  I long for Heaven more and am more Kingdom -minded.

6. ” His mercies are new every morning”  has gotten me through many a night.

7.  When my 5 yr old asks, “Mommy are you sad?” and I say, “Yes,”   he can simply nod because he knows that feeling.

8.  When people ask me, “Are all those yours?  Your hands must be full,”  I want to say, “Actually, they feel quite empty.”

9. I have trouble throwing off that nagging feeling that I have forgotten something or something is missing.

10. When my kids aren’t being nice to each other, I often have to bite my tongue from telling them that they of all people should be nice to each other because they know what it is like to not have each other.

11.  Most things are truly trivial.

12.  I am more grateful than ever that God is sovereign and in control.

13.  I am glad that Jesus is a Man of Sorrows and knows my pain.

14.  I remind myself that God knows what it is like to watch a son die.

15.  Sorrow and Joy really do co-exist.

16.  Sometimes I feel like I am going mad and other times I think I am the only sane one around.

17.  I was a stoic; I am a stoic, yet, the range of emotions I can experience in one day is quite dizzying.

18.  I get frustrated that I still want to yell at my kids.  So really #10 really shouldn’t  bug me so much.

19.  When someone I don’t even know seems rude, sad, or out of it, I tell myself that I have no idea what they are going through.

20.  I used to always pray when I’d hear an ambulance or helicopter.  Now I pray more fervently.

21.  I sometimes pray for a glimpse of Knox in heaven.

22.  I was worried that having Creed would cause me to forget details about Knox, but he helps me to remember him instead.  For examaple, I had forgotten how Knox used to grind his teeth until Creed started doing it.

23.  When Creed plays with my locket, it makes me wish they could play together.

24.  I am more aware than ever that this is not our home.

25.  When I think about how hard it still is, I look back and see where we were before and how far we have come and that is comforting.


18 responses to “25 things from Losing Knox

  1. Rachel,

    Thanks for sharing those. I’m thankful for those reminders…

  2. Thank you for these reminders. Love y’all.

  3. Rachel,

    I have felt many of those things you described. It’s so hard sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great list Rachel. ((hugs))

  5. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing and for reminding me about a few things in my own life.

  6. I love when you write about Knox. It tears me up inside, but I enjoy hearing about him and hearing how you are doing.
    I think about you guys and Knox when I play with Isaac and I pray for you constantly.
    I really love yall!!!!
    Thanks for helping me to re-focus on what life is all about and how I should be living today in light of that.

  7. Rachel,

    You will never know how deeply the thoughts you share effect me. I am so glad you referenced this list on your Facebook “25”. I need to bookmark your blog so I will “drop in” more often.

    You are a blessing, my friend!

  8. What a precious list!!

  9. Rachel, Thank you for continuing to share Knox. It such a blessing to me.

  10. I love you, Rachel. Hugs.

  11. Thank you for sharing your heart. The list was so touching!

  12. Love you. I loved your list. *hug

  13. Thanks for sharing friend.

  14. I have a sister in law that lost a son this fall… this lists has helped me today. I’m so sorry you have to have this list… but thank you so much for sharing it with me!

  15. Praying for your hurts and sorrows, Rachel. What a joyful day it will be when we are all in heaven with our Lord and Savior.

  16. (((( hugs )))) Though I’ve never met you, I still think of you often and pray for you. Thank you for this list…. for the reminder that we are sojourners here on earth… to appreciate all that we are given. May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly by His presence and everlasting love.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing. It made me want to hug my children even tighter.

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