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I am moving again!!!

My blog that is….I am so not technosavvy and am continuing my search for the best host for me.  I think I may have actually found this time!!! 

Also, Jon is going to blog with me instead of having his own blog!

And lastly we are celebrating the move with a giveaway!!

So check us out at where we have already started blogging while still under construction.


(P.S.  My apologies to those who were looking for a big announcement. 😉 )


Blue-striped Jammies


Thankful and Amazed

We are home from a trip to MS.  It occurred to me how thankful I am that Rest Areas are no longer holes in the ground (those trips to Ohio as a kid were gross!!) and gas stations have inside bathrooms.

And I was absolutely amazed when all the kids fell asleep and slept for over an hour at the same time.  That may never happen again!!!

Life on the Wild Side

I am really not an adventuresome person nor do I like to take risks.  I hate to fly.  I hate rollercoasters.  Bridges…shudder.  Today, I got a haircut.  (Trust me these are related.)  Afterwards, I was thinking about how getting my haircut is probably one of the most adventuresome things I do.  I used to always go to the same place and have the same person cut my hair which if you recall constancy is one of my pleasures in life.   She did a great job and was rather predictable, but we moved and life got complicated and I didn’t want the hassle of making appointments (and having to keep them) so I started going to Great Clips.  I never get the same person and I never know how it is going to turn out.  I tell them what I want which is usually “the same only shorter” but it never looks the same twice in a row.  That, my friends, is as daring as I get.  Sad….but true.

A Jack Funny

Jack was supposed to be finding his jammies and getting ready for bed, but he couldn’t find his pj bottoms.  I sent him to get new ones, and he comes back and pulls his pants off to discover that he had been wearing his jammies under his church pants all day.  How did he not notice when he went to the bathroom, I have no idea.

World Traveller

Meet Orange Lantern.  A travelling superhero that travels to Canada and then Peru.


25 things from Losing Knox

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